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Agile Living, An Entrepreneurs Journey

Jan 23, 2019

On today’s episode, find out how one entrepreneur was able to overcome the roller coaster events in his life. Kevin Hourigan sits down with Jon and shares his company’s struggles, victories, recline, and regrowth. He is the President and CEO of Bayshore Solutions, a leading Digital Advertising Agency. Tune in as Kevin discuss how he handles these transitions and adjusts accordingly when the waves end.

When you're losing so much, getting to profitability seemed like a huge victory.”

-Kevin Hourigan

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01:17 - How Kevin started his company, the Bayshore Solutions,  at the time when websites are not yet known or seen as needed.

04:04 - Their struggles at the beginning and how they grew so fast in 3-4 year mark as companies realize the importance of websites (dot-com bubble boom)

06:19 - The downfall of his company after the dot-com bubble burst, how they bounce back, who among their clients managed to survived the downfall current and why

10:48 - What Kevin thought happened at the dot-com bubble and how he and his employees reacted and handled the changes in the industry

16:30 - Why denial phase could be a silent killer and why it's important to accept what's happening and adjust

18:55 - Why Kevin rebrand his company and hired co-worker and customers that are willing to let go of the past and how they became successful

20:46 - Two lessons that Kevin learned from all the events that happened and where it leads him and his company today

24:10 - The vision, expertise, and values of Bayshore Solutions  that will enable them to be ready for any shift or unexpected things to come and help their clients grow their businesses

27:36 - How to be innovative not at the client's expense and why Kevin's company doesn't work with vertical markets



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