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Agile Living, An Entrepreneurs Journey

Jan 16, 2019

It is through adaptation that allowed early humans to survive in any environment and evolved to what we are today. And this special trait of man is what Michael Wailes used. By adapting to changes and trends in journalism and technology, he evolved and became a successful entrepreneur. Unlock this special trait in you by listening to today’s episode as Michael shares his journey with Jon. Don't miss this one!

“It's not about being able to predict the future with a high degree of specificity but just having a general sense of that direction that the future is going.”

-Michael Wailes

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01:01 - About Spectrum Interactive Group and how Michael transition from being a writer to entrepreneur

04:29 - How Michael apply his passion as a journalist to marketing and where he got his inspiration and motivation to study more about web development

09:17 - Becoming successful in the web development world, working in a great agency and how he got to thinking of putting his own company

11:29 - His struggles working at his own company and how he still able to see the trends and knew what the clients will need

14:18 - How the stress at building his own company affected his health

18:19 - How his perspective in life and his lifestyle changes after he got sick plus the best exercise gadget he uses today

20:16 - Facebook and Instagram advertising as a trend that will continue to grow and how to see the trend and adapt quickly and accordingly to be successful in the future



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